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The Simplicity Kickstarter guide

The Simplicity kickstarter

Your path into a simplistic home and life has now started and here is the very first step. 

You’re here for a special reason and to start living a simple life this pdf-guide will help you into it very easy. 

You’ll get the first most important steps you have to take to transform your home and life. Your life will change in a very positiv direction when you follow The Simplicity Kickstarter.

Price: $ 9,99 

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To get your freebie “Organize your workspace in 5 simple steps”:

•  Please check your inbox and look for a mail from Ylva Jansson and “Organize your workspace in 5 simple steps” 

• Click on the link included in the mail. That’s a necessary step to ensure that your email address is correct. If you don’t find it search in your spam box.

I´m super excited to inspire, help and coach you into a simplistic home and  life!

All the best,

Ylva Jansson