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Simplicity & Feng shui

Dreaming about a nice and clutter-free home with positive energies?

This is your chance to get quick and sustainable results in just a day. If you have been thinking about to start declutter and wish to make your home wonderful exactly as you want, this is definitely for you.

VIP Home Makeover
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Your VIP day includes:

And we personalize it for your desires…

A clutter-free home

A clutter-free home

Feng Shui energy check

Feng Shui energy check

Hands on & strategy

Hands on & Strategy

A clutter-free home is awesome, because then you can focus on the things that really matters in your life. Imagine the feeling of a simple and quick weekly cleaning without struggling around and move a lot of furnitures and other stuff. 

Result: A clean an happy home and mind

The energies in your home are crucial for having a harmonious life.  When the home is to messy and cluttered the energies can’t flow and then you get stagnated energy. That affects your life, but after this day you’ve got the knowledge of how to get positive energy flow.

Results: Positive energy flow around you

You’re going to get the strategy you need to get the results you want in your home. We’re going to put the focus where you want in your home and for 8 hours I’m being with you to coach and guide you how to get the result you need.

Results: A proven strategy to follow even after the VIP day 

A clutter-free home

I’m going to guide you how to declutter your home with my simple and proven strategy that really works.

Forget the piles with clothes or papers everywhere in your home for good and start to be more organized. I can tell you that it’s a very nice feeling living clutter-free.


You’re going to see quick results when we’re in the process and don’t worry, I´m with you all the time.

I know it could be a big challenge to declutter, so my method is not that I want you to get rid of everything you own. No, no, I just show you how to keep the things you love and leave the rest. It’s your home and you’re the boss in your home..

If you need a paus, we take a pause and then continue go on. I assure you that you’ll thank yourself after this decluttering.

Feng Shui energy check

Feng Shui is about wind and water and how the energies flow around us. To have a good Feng Shui you have to declutter your home first. That’s the very first step. After that I show you how to get good feng shui and positive energies, so that you can continue your life in harmony and joy.


I’m going to have a look at if we have to move some furnitures to get a positive energy flow or if we have to add something. Important here is: We only use your things you already have in your home, so you don’t have to buy expensive things to get a good Feng Shui flow.

Hands on & Strategy

The VIP Home makeover day includes hands on, which means that I’m going to be with you (virtually) and coach you how to declutter your home. No matter what how much stuff you have, I’m going to help you how to create the clean and harmonious home you wish.


You chose where you would like to put the focus and attention. If you would like to focus on one area in your home or if you want us to check all areas it’s up to you.

We have 8 hours working together and in that time we’re going to create massive changes in your home and you’re going to feel that in your entire life afterwards. A relief and a feeling of freedom is a very common result after a home makeover.

Ylva Maria Design

About me

I have been working as a Feng Shui Simplicity coach for a very long time and I really know how to bring harmony and joy into a home and life. I have a proven strategy that works really well.

I have seen so many womens life transformed into something wonderful and I can’t wait to guide you there too.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to send me an email: info


Once you have started to simplify your home and life you won’t go back.

I’m looking forward to help you design your awesome home.


Ylva Jansson

You´re worth living in harmony!

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