Top 10 to find your true style with love for yourself

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It could seem like a piece of cake to find your true style, but it’s not that easy all the time. There are many factors that could be involved like your current life or job situation.

Let’s take this step by step and hopefully you´ll feel a little bit more confident to start creating your wardrobe as you like without any doubts.

After having been in the textile and fashion industry almost all my life I have also seen a couple of things when it comes to styling and clothes. Almost everybody has something they don´t like on their body and yes there are many factors that affect our thoughts about that, like fashion trends, childhood and so on.

The sad thing is that this fenomen starts very early in a young woman’s life. I have seen that many times when working as a textile teacher in the school. Many times women tend to hide themselves behind a too big shirt or a very loose dress, but maybe we look more amazing in a slighter smaller size. 

When you’re trying to find your true style, it could be difficult to come around the fenomen that we don´t like ourselves, right! So, that’s the first thing to do. Try to love yourself more. Easy to say, but more difficult to implement, I know. But, we have to be kind to ourselves and start somewhere. So, I’m writing this post with love for all who want to make a change in their wardrobe in some way. <3

Find your true style with love for yourself

Here’s my top 10 tips on finding your true style with love

  1. Love your body unconditionally
  2. Find your why
  3. Empty your closet
  4. Search for inspiration
  5. Decide your 3 words
  6. Colour scheme
  7. Intentional shopping
  8. Organise your wardrobe with love
  9. Seasonal check
  10. Enjoy you new wardrobe and your new style

Love your body unconditionally

This is definitely the most important part when finding your true style and as I said it could also be very difficult. Be kind to yourself and start somewhere. Take baby steps towards it. Listen to loving and caring meditations and do things that you really love and try to have more fun in your life. Meet friends and hang out with your family members and loved ones. I think it’s very important to have people around you that you trust and could talk to. 

Spend one day or a couple of hours each week for self-care. Listen to your body and if it just says rest, then rest. Or if you need more energy then go for a walk or go to the gym or even easier roll out your yoga mat and put on some youtube channel you like and do your exercises at home. I do that often and I like that. 

Do your nails, take a foot bath or whatever you like. Find your self-care and your moment for yourself. When you take some time for yourself you automatically give yourself more love. Try and see what you like. There’s only you who know what your body and soul feel good about. 

Another great tool is affirmations. You could write a loving message for yourself and say it for yourself once or twice a day. Then your conscious mind will be reminded of it everytime you say it. Loud or just for yourself. I always do my affirmations before I fall asleep and also the first thing I do when I wake up every morning. Just in my head. It has helped me in tough times many times. 

Self love is something you have to work on all the time and I know you can do this! I also know that you can create your personal wardrobe and find your true style, but let’s start with self love first. Deal?

Find your WHY

This step is also very important when you are looking to find your true style. If you don’t know why you’re doing this it’s like a fish swimming around in the ocean not finding the way forward. What is your core reason for doing this? Is it because you would like a proper work style or is it because you think your wardrobe does not have a red thread? 

Take a moment reflecting about this and write your thoughts down on a piece of paper. It’s always easier when things come down to a paper and you will be able to see a clear picture of your situation. 

Then your journey will go more smoothly when searching for your style. Be honest to yourself and don’t hold back anything. It’s just for yourself and not for anyone else, so you don’t have to show anybody your thoughts if you don’t want to.

Empty your closet

Yes, yes, yes! Everything starts with a clearout of your wardrobe and your clothes. You can’t do anything before this is done. Ok, you can but it will be more complicated if you haven’t done the decluttering first. 

I have made many blog posts and podcast episodes about decluttering and if you need more inspiration check out my podcast Design the simple life or my other blog posts about that. I think you can find much inspiration there.

When you empty your closet everything will be easier than if you just take out the things you don’t want to save. It’s easier to see the whole picture if you take everything out first and then decide which clothes you want to donate or not. Do you feel exhausted even before having started?

I just want to tell you something: Almost everybody has a feeling of exhaustion and I will tell you that you’ll come over it, IF you really want to make a wardrobe change you have to go through this process.

Search for inspiration

When you have made your decision about your current wardrobe and your clothes, it’s time for you to find inspiration about how you can find your true style. There are many possibilities to get style inspiration and my favourite way is Pinterest. There you can find almost everything you search for and you can play around. 

If you for example search for a certain style, let’s say a classic style you will then see many outfits of a classic style. Create a new board for your style (you can make it private if you want). Scroll and save all outfits you like to your board. 

When you have saved everything you want it’s time for the next step. Take a look at all images and save only the best one. Then type a new keyword in the searchbar and do the same process. When you have found what you’re seeking for, look at all your images and try to see if you can see a red thread. Have you saved almost the same images or are they very different from each other? 

Save the best outfits to your computer and start selecting outfits you like. Don’t rush and take your time to really try to find what you like and then you probably can see some similarities of the outfits.

Decide your 3 words

When you’re looking at your inspiration images it’s time to choose your 3 words which will represent your style. Your words are personal and they could be anything. For your reference here are some examples of words: bold, sporty, romantic, classic, fun, soft, light, airy and so on. 

Find your own 3 words and write them somewhere you can see them often. For example, on your phone or in your calendar. Then go back and look at your words now and then. Maybe you have to tweak them a little bit after a while.

Colour scheme

Then it’s time to find your personal colour scheme. Take a look at your current clothes you have in your wardrobe and sort them in colours on their hangers. Are there many of a certain colour? Do you have a variety of many colours? 

Which of these colours do you like the most and which colours do you like to wear? Take a look in your mirror and see which colours suits you the most. Ask someone for help if you find it hard to find your colours.

My suggestion is to choose 3-4 colours for your style and then one or two colours as accent colours for your accessories. Try to find colours that you can combine easily with each other.

Examples of colours to find your true style

Main colours: Beige tones, black, white and pink

Accent colours: light green or marine blue

Main colours: Marine blue, pink, white

Accent colours: Black and blue

This is something you have to play around with until you’ll find the colours you like which also suits your skin tone well.

If you have difficulties finding your personal colours you can book a consultation with me. I would looove helping you. Just send me an email with your concern here.

find your true style

Intentional shopping

If you haven’t implemented intensional shopping, it’s a very great tool to avoid buying stuff you will regret after a while. You’ll also save a lot of money if you shop like this. 

What I mean by intentional shopping is that you create a wish list of your clothes you would like to buy and then wait. A week, a month or even a year maybe. It all depends on what it is. I have had things on my wish list for years and I know when I’m going to buy them I will also love them forever. 

Try to avoid fast shopping and instead go for a good quality that will last longer. It will save you so much money and it’s also less time consuming for sure. 

Wait to buy until you are very sure that you are going to love your new item. Also make sure it will fit your new true style. If it’s not you know it’s not for you, right! 

I started implementing this style of shopping years ago and now I really know what I like and I seldom regret my purchases. It happens of course, but not as often as before.

Organise your wardrobe with love

To organise your new style in your wardrobe is very fun. To find nice hangers and drawers for your sweaters and create the whole outlook of your wardrobe. I can help you if you need help ;) I loove designing wardrobes. 

I suggest you take everything out and start from scratch. Clean the space carefully and see if your walls and shelves need some refreshing painting. 

After you have done all this you are going to love your wardrobe. I think the outlook of the wardrobe is just as important as the contents of the wardrobe. Oh yes, I’m the kind of person who likes details ;)

Seasonal check

To do a seasonal check in your wardrobe it’s great. Then you can have less clothes in your wardrobe and you’ll find your clothes easier. As a bonus, you will be less stressed in the mornings. 

Go through your clothes after each season and see if something has to be fixed or if something wants to leave your house for donation. If you have space to store your clothes which are out of season elsewhere it’s perfect. Otherwise you can just hang it aside in your wardrobe. Simplicity is the key for everything!

Enjoy you new wardrobe and your new style

Well done! Now you have created your new style and your new wardrobe. This is not made in a quarter of an hour so take your time. If you get stuck. Take pauses, but not too long. Then you are going to lose focus. 

Remember it’s an ongoing process and if you for any reason need help just book a consultation with me and I will help you create your stunning personal wardrobe you’re going to love. Because it’s YOUR wardrobe and made just for you!

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