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The Simplicity Lifestyle Membership

This is your space where you get monthly inspiration and coaching about how to get your home and life simplified with like-minded women. If you would like to simplify your life forever this membership is definitely for you.

This membership is for you who wants to bring more harmony into your life. You will be in a community with lovely like-minded women like you who share you on in your life changing journey

You´ll get fresh new interesting content each month in your members area you immediately can apply into your life. We´re also having live Q & A :s to help you be focused on what you want and we share you on with love.

Who this is for:

✔️ A mother with teenagers who have a lot of things to do and is overwhelmed over all stuff at home.

✔️ A hard working woman who have no time over for her home and feel a little bit stressed over that she don’t put any attention for her home.

✔️ A mother with small kids who has a lot of stuff and have difficulties to be organized.

✔️ A woman who wish she had an organized home and she wants to simplify her life.

✔️ A woman who wants to learn more about Feng Shui and how she can add it into her life.

✔️ A woman who is interested in personal growth and the law of attraction and wants to apply that into her life.

Or just…

✔️ A woman who wants all of this amazing life changing things.

What you get...

This is all the amazing things you get when you join the membership.


New masterclasses each month about Simplicity, Feng Shui and Holistic mindset. The masterclasses will be saved, so that you can watch them whenever you want.

Q & A

Once a month you´ll be invited to a live Q & A where you can ask all questions you have according to our topics simplicity, Feng Shui and Holistic mindset.


Each month you´ll get access to a decluttering workshop. We take it slow and you can take it on your own path.


When you enroll to TSL you´ll get access to our lovely private fb-group, where you can ask questions and help each other. You can also find your accountability partner and you can help each other reach your goals.

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I really looking forward to meet you inside of The Simplicity Lifestyle!

Ylva Jansson