Summer program for a simple life 2020


Summer program for a simple life 2020

SUMMER PROGRAM for a simple life 2020!

Maybe you’ve waited for the best moment to begin to declutter your home. I’ll tell you something – That moment doesn’t exist, so that’s why I made this program for you.

27th of July-23th of August

This is for you if…

….you desire a healthy life without feeling overwhelmed in your own home. You have too much stuff and don’t know where to start. You feel stressed out and need a change. I tell you something: -The best way to reach a healthy lifestyle is to declutter your home. I really mean that, because I have so many experiences about that and I have also done a huge decluttering in my own home.

If you already have started to declutter your home this is also something for you.  You’ll get the tools you need to implement a decluttering success and get much more structured. Sometimes it’s very hard to declutter by your own and now you have the opportunity to get things done with positive support.

I’ll guide you through the the whole process over 4 weeks and I’ll support you with all the tools you need. After 4 weeks you’ll feel a great relief without all the unnecessarily clutter around you.

Here´s what´s included:

• 4-weeks positive guided decluttering through your home in your own pace

• Opportunity to join a private friendly FB-group and share your aha-moments with likewise people

• Support from me Ylva, (Feng Shui & Simplify expert) every week 

• A supportive community who understands what you`re going through

• Every Sunday you’ll get an email from me including the information you need to get on track

• Decluttering areas will be: the kitchen, the bathroom, the wardrobe and your storage area

Price: USD 69,99 

If you have questions don’t hesitate to send me an email at I’ll answer you as soon as I can.

When you join the SUMMER PROGRAM for a simple life 2020 you`ve decided to change your life and the time couldn’t be better now. Stay home and change your life forever. I would love to see you inside!

Welcome to join!