Prepare your wardrobe for the fall season

How to know when to start declutter your home

One of the best thing you can do is to prepare your wardrobe for the fall season. I just love the fresh air and the new energi that the autumn brings. Many people start a new job, a new school or change their career. It’s just so refreshing to start over a new season. Especially the fall season.

Now when I’m writing this post it’s still August and quite hot here in Sweden where I live. Today I spent my day at my favorite place on earth – the beach. I live close to the sea and I’m very thankful for living here. I take my bike and in a few minutes I’m there. Life couldn’t be better right now.

I also like to go there in the winter time. Then I can be alone with just my thoughts and find new ideas. All the tourists are gone and the beach is empty. A very nice feeling I must say. We all have our favorite places and the beach is mine, but I also like to go around in the forest. Unfortunately there is a long way to the forest here and for the moment I have no car.

The best time for preparing

I think the best time to make a change in the wardrobe is before a new season begin. August is the perfect time to do that to bring fresh new energy into the autumn. So, what I used to do is to take everything out from my wardrobe and sort my clothes in categories and make an overview of what´s in there.  

Nowadays I have reduced my collection of clothes, so the process goes very fast, but I also know very well how it is to have a wardrobe full of clothes hanging there and you can’t shut the door.

About the cleaning

It feels very good to clean up and refresh the wardrobe before the fall season comes. A clean space where you store your clothes is also nice to have and it’s also important to take care of your clothes.

Wipe all shelves and other surfaces and clean the floor after you have taken all things out from the wardrobe. Then it’s very nice to put your saved items back after you´re done with the decluttering. Maybe you need to consider if you have to paint something in the wardrobe or make a little renovation before putting the clothes back. There´s something you´ll see when you have taken all the clothes out. Imagine having a fresh new painted wardrobe….How wonderful!

Prepare your wardrobe for the fall season

Take action towards your goal and prepare your wardrobe for the fall season

Here’s the plan for how you can do this process in a simple way:

  • Take everything out from your wardrobe
  • Sort your clothes in categories

The pile system

I suggest you to create 3 piles for the sake of simplicity.

  • The “I don´t like, wear or need” pile
  • The “I love pile”
  • The “I don´t know” pile

Prepare your wardrobe for the fall season

Once you have done all the 3 piles it’s time for the pile number 3 – “The maybe” pile. Take a look once again and see if you can decide what to keep or not. If you can’t decide, put them away in a box. You can decide later on. Don´t worry. You can do this!

The maybe pile is the pile which could make you sentimental and get stucked, so if that happens just go on and put your sentimental clothes away in the box.

Then put all your clothes you’ve decided to keep back again and you have created a new fresh wardrobe for the fall season.

If you want more guidance you’re most welcome to book me for a consultation.


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