4 Positive changes in my business

How to know when to start declutter your home

The last 7 months I have been thinking a lot about my business and that I would like to do some new and positive changes. It doesn’t mean that I have been laying on the sofa, no no I have been working hard to set everything up. 

Sometimes we have to take a step back and see the whole picture to understand how we want our lives, right? So, that’s what I did. I took a step back and wrote down everything I like to do and are now working towards my goals.

When we do what we love everything will be much easier and also life will be more fun. I think it’s very important to listen to our gut feelings and follow our path in life. 

So, my inner voice is telling me that I have to listen and that’s why I´m changing quite a lot in my business. It’s time for a change, new fresh energy and new things to come.

What’s new in my business:

As you might already know I love simplicity and that’s also my superpower. I have also been working in the textile and fashion industry my entire life in different positions.

I have been designing and creating clothes, worked as textile quality controller in big famous companies, helped women style their outfits in fashion boutiques, worked as textile and art teacher and I have had my own sewing design studio for about 35 years. 

I just LOVE helping women create personal wardrobes and outfits that make them feel good, so I will combine my design skills with my passion for simplicity. 

I´m NOT going to leave my love for Feng Shui, but I have found that I have more passion for helping people declutter and simplify rather than the other things Feng Shui is all about. Once again, I listen to my inner voice and have created something I’m very excited about. 

From now on you can book me for private consultations and I hope you will, because I’m going to give you A LOT that you can implement in your life.

Positive changes in my business

The new positive changes in my business:

Private video coaching sessions

  • Home Simplicity
  • Wardrobe Simplicity
  • Create Your Personal Wardrobe 
  • Styling for special events


Simplify your life by declutter your home and get more time to do what you like the most.

With a clutter-free home you´ll always find your stuff and your cleaning will go much more simpler and faster. This session will give you the tools you need to get started to create your dream home.


It´s never easy to get started declutter your clothes. I will guide you how to do in a simple way.

After this consultation you know how to declutter your wardrobe to get more harmonious mornings without the feeling of having nothing to wear.

Maybe you´re looking for creating a capsule wardrobe or just feel that you have too much in your wardrobe. I´ll give you the guidance and loving support you need.


Your outfit affect how you feel. No doubt about that. For sustainable I help you create your own personal style with clothes you already have in your wardrobe or if you would like to add some new pieces.

I´ll coach you how to optimize your wardobe, so you can feel comfortable and safe in your outfits. For the best results book the “Wardrobe Simplicity” consultation first.


Going for a special event and don´ t know what to wear or need a structure and plan on what to wear on a daily basis?

Maybe you need help with your outfits for your workdays, this will be your session. Maybe you need help with your outfits for your workdays. This session is for you. I help you get personalized outfits for all occassions.

So either you would like my expert advice on how to create clutter-free spaces or designing a wardrobe you´re gonna love. I’m here to help. In my opinion a simplified, decluttered home and wardrobe is the key to feeling good.

I’m really looking forward to helping you gain the structure you need to simplify things in your life.

All consultations can be held in either English or Swedish.

Sounds interesting?


Book me for a 15 minutes FREE Zoom video call and let’s discuss what you need help with and I will tell you how I can help. Then let’s see if we’re a good fit. Just click on the link above and choose the time that fits your schedule. Looking forward to talk with you.

Thank you so much for reading all the way and I hope you’re going to like my new coaching sessions.

If you would like to ask me something don’t hesitate to send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Learn more from me? Listen to my podcast DESIGN THE SIMPLE LIFE for tips and trix about how to simplify your life with ease.

More options for listening: ITUNES I SPOTIFY I WEBSITE

Have a wonderful day,

Much love,


PS. Remember that everything happens for a reason and it’s a reason why you’re here <3


Hi there,

I coach women simplify their life and design personal wardrobes for well-being. Simplicity is my key for everything. 

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I´m a Scandinavian creative person who love all kind of creativity. After my art studies I went for a simplified life. I search for information everywhere and landed in Feng Shui. I started declutter my home and life and over time simplicity became my lifestyle. I felt in my bones that Feng Shui was “my thing”, so I started to study and became a certified Feng Shui consultant 2013. After that I have made many home consultations and found that everyone struggled with clutter in their homes.

I always follow the rule of “one thing in one thing out”. I never buy anything without getting rid of something I already have. My method makes my home uncluttered and I can concentrate on my art and the things I love instead of cleaning my house all the time. I have found the lifestyle I love and I’m here to inspire you to find yours too.


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