My 8 best bathroom organization ideas

How to know when to start declutter your home

If you’re looking for some bathroom organization ideas for your small space this is for you.

I know many have a small bathroom (including myself) and it could be challenging to design it, so here you´ll get my best bathroom organization ideas for small spaces and I hope it will help you be more organized. 

Sometimes we can’t choose the size of the bathroom and sometimes our bathroom isn’t designed for all the stuff we have. You might rent your apartment or you might have sold your big house and the amount of your things doesn’t fit your new home. That was exactly what happened to me. 

I sold my big farm house in the countryside and moved into a small old town in a smaller home. So, yes the challenge is there when you have a small area to store your bathroom accessories in. But, as Marie Forleo says:   -” Everything is figureoutable” and that’s so true. If you haven’t read her book with the same name – do that! Is very uplifting. Here’s a link where you can find it. (This is no affiliate link. I just want to give you the idea to buy her incredible book).

bathroom organization ideas

I’m a big believer in that you can get everything you want and if you want a change whatever it is, you can do it! What I mean by that is even if you have a small area you can make it look and feel fantastic anyway. Often the size isn’t the problem. The stuff is the problem, right?

As always, get rid of everything unnecessary and keep just the things you need in your bathroom. You don’t need that much as you might think. When downsizing your toilet accessories the organization will be so much easier and you´ll get a nice result for sure, my friend.

How to do this?

Here’s my 8 best bathroom organization ideas for small spaces

  1. Eliminate all empty containers, duplicates and everything with expired last date. Also all out worn towels and other textiles.
  2. Find a new place for everything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom
  3. Store your bottles in a box
  4. Put your shampoo and conditions in beautiful containers
  5. Use thin towels which take less space
  6. Consider to store your things verticals to save space
  7. Store things in hanging baskets
  8. Be creative

1. Eliminate

Take a look in your bathroom cabinets and see if there are something there you can eliminate like empty boxes, bottles or something else which just take up space. Declutter as much as you can before starting to organize everything you have left. Don’t forget the old worn out terry towels and other textiles. Think minimalistic and consider how many towel sets you really need. 2-3 sets is enough.

2. Find a new place for everything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom

If you would like a change in your bathroom this bathroom organization tip is very crucial. Remove things which don’t belong in your bathroom. That could be anything you can store elsewhere. Perhaps your bathroom is so small and there is no space to store for example your towels there. Then you have to find another place for them.

3. Store in boxes

If you store your skin and hair care products in boxes your space will look more clean and uncluttered. It’s also even better to store the boxes inside a drawer or in a cabinet. It all depends on how your space is designed. Be creative and find the best solution for your bathroom and your needs.

4. Put your shampoo and conditions in beautiful containers

I´m a big fan of having it nice and clean around me and I just love to store things in beautiful containers. It makes me feel good when looking at them and from a Feng Shui perspective it’s also more harmonizing for the eyes to look at.

When you have your shampoo and conditioners in beautiful containers there is a calmer outlook in your bathroom for sure instead of having many different kinds of bottles with different labels on.

Try and see if you like it.

5. Use thin towels which take less space

When it comes to bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms this is one of my best pieces of advice. When I moved into a smaller apartment my bathroom was also much more tiny than the bathroom I had before. OMG, my previous bathroom was a dream. I could have rotten chairs, cabinets, flowers and so much more there. But I learned to rethink about my stuff I have around me in a smaller space and I also become more creative.

What I did to get more space was that I eliminated all the thick towels and bought only thinner towels in very good quality. It’s much better to buy good quality with perhaps a higher price, if you can afford it. It will last longer and it’s also better for the environment. I used to think, if I can´t afford it I would rather wait instead of buying stuff with lower quality. I think that is the most cost effective way.

Here’s the best terry towels I have found in a very good quality of linen and cotton. They are thin, but work very well for absorbing water and you can store more towels than if you have thicker terry towels. I just love them!

Here’s the link where you can find them:

They ship worldwide. It’s not an affiliate link and I don’t earn anything if you buy something there. I just want you to find the beautiful towels I use since I moved into my smaller apartment.

6. Consider to store your things vertically to save space

This tip is a great way to store your things in a tiny bathroom. If you consider how you could store your things vertically you will get more space and it feels so good having more space around you. What you can do is that you can store your stuff in narrow shelves or cabinets.

7. Store things in hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are perfect and also look very nice. It looks and feels good to add something “earthy” into the bathroom. The bathrooms are normally very plain and clean and here in Scandinavia many bathroom walls are just white. That´s why I like to add baskets made of rotten or some other natural materials.

You can put your hair brushes in it or why not roll the towels and put them in a hanging basket.

8. Be creative

Now you have many bathroom organization ideas for small spaces and to succeed the only thing you have to do is to find your creativity and play around. There are so many ways on how to store the bathroom things. 

If you need my help organizing your bathroom or another room in your home I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Just book a 15 min free call with me and tell me your desires and I will tell you how I can help.

For more tips and trix:

Design the simple life podcast

Design the simple life podcast

Episode 20. How to organize your bathroom fresh and airy

Options for listening: Itunes I Spotify I Website

Last but not least: Add some plants to your bathroom for a little good feeling and harmony. There are plants and flowers which can survive with a small amount of light. Ask your florist for the best advice. Avoid using fake plants, because they don´t bring any energy at all. 

You can do this!


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