“The simple life formula”


Tired of having too much stuff in your home and want a stress-free life? This Masterclass if definitely for you.

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I like to simplify my life as much as I can and I’m here to show you how I have done and the benefits of having a simplified life without any disturbing clutter.

After my Masterclass The Simple Life Formula you’ll walk away with the knowledge of how to enhance your life and how you can start simplify everything and bring harmony into your home and life.

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Who this is for:

✔️ A mother with teenagers who have a lot of things to do and is overwhelmed over all stuff at home.

✔️ A hard working woman who have no time over for her home and feel a little bit stressed over that she don’t put any attention for her home.

✔️ A mother with small kids who has a lot of stuff and have difficulties to be organized.

✔️ A woman who wish she had an organized home and she wants to simplify her life.

✔️ A woman who wants to learn more about Feng Shui and how she can add it into her life.

✔️ A woman who is interested in personal growth and the law of attraction and wants to apply that into her life.

Or just…

✔️ A woman who wants all of this amazing life changing things.

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What you'll learn in The simple life formula Masterclass:


Here´s where you get the knowledge of how your home and your clutter affects your health and joy in your life.


Your mindset is crucial if you want to make your life simplified and in this masterclass I´ll tell you how.


We take different kinds of decisions all the time in our lives and they takes us forward. Here I´ll talk about the importance of your decision and how you can think to take better decisions.


As I´m a proffesional Feng Shui consultant I will tell you about Feng shui and how to use it to get a more joyful and contented life.

I really love to see peoples home and life transform into something new and fantastic. I also love to create homes with the touch of personality and harmony.

Sign up for the day and time that suits you. You´ll not regret it and you’ll learn a lot in this masterclass.

I really looking forward to meet you inside of the MASTERCLASS – The simple life formula

Ylva Jansson
Feng Shui & Simplicity coach