How I created my capsule wardrobe

How to know when to start declutter your home

I designed my personal capsule wardrobe this year and I just love how it became. I totally changed everything in the wardrobe from the interior to my collection of clothes. There are still some small changes to do, because in my opinion to design a wardrobe collection is an ongoing process. And as I am a fashion lover and have always been, this is something I really like. I like to change something here and there for the better.

What’s different from before in my wardrobe

A few years ago I felt so bored out of my wardrobe.  It was full of clothes I had bought from different times in my life. I realized that the style I had wasn´t me anymore or I felt that I didn’t have a style at all. I started to research to find my style and it was very interesting. I learned so much about myself. Sometimes life is like that. We just get bored and want to make a restart with fresh and clean thoughts.

capsule wardrobe

I was very fascinated about having a capsule wardrobe, so I thought I should give it a try. I started to declutter and declutter and declutter. I got rid of a lot of my clothes and it felt very exciting and fun to start over again and find my true style. The style which is really me and not just a mix match of many different things.

We tend to buy too much clothes and that´s really not good for either our wallets or the environment. We have to be more aware of our shopping behavior. I have always loved shopping second hand both for my wardrobe and for my home. I love finding great pieces for an affordable price and it also feels good in my heart when shopping second hand.

capsule wardrobe

I´m not saying I don´t buy anything new at all. I buy new pieces too, but I plan my purchasing very carefully. When I find something I want to buy I wait awhile before making the purchase. A few days, weeks or even months. Very often I can erase the item from my wishlist, because I have changed my mind. It’s much better to change your mind before making a purchase.

A capsule wardrobe – my wardrobe change this year

To build a capsule wardrobe takes time and many hours of research and consideration. At least it did for me. You have to make a wishlist and a plan for how you want your capsule wardrobe to look before designing it. That’s the key number one. Number two is to find your true colors. The colors you look good in and the colors you like very much. 

Then you also have to think about your current lifestyle and what kind of clothes and accessories you wear. It makes no sense having something you never wear. It just takes up space in your wardrobe and collects dust.

I started by creating a vision board and a wishlist and I have followed it almost all the time since then. Of course I tend to fall into the trap of buying fashion trends, but at least I’m aware of it. You should build a capsule wardrobe with basics, but to make it more fun it’s nice to add some funny pieces like accessoires in different colors.

I have chosen 4 basic colors which I like and then when I want I add something different. I also like jewelleries very much and when the opportunities arise I go for a new one. I have found that I have a neutral color tone, so I can wear either gold or silver. That’s nice, because I like them both. I have realized that I prefer gold.

capsule wardrobe

Have fun and play around

If you want you can build your own capsule wardrobe too and for me I have had so much fun designing it. I found new silhouettes and shapes I thought I couldn’t wear before, but after trying I found it very fun.

Tips for designing your personal capsule wardrobe

  • Do a research of what style you like
  • Get rid of all you never use
  • Find your true colors
  • Be creative and test new silhouettes
  • Be aware of your lifestyle
  • Try different combinations and see what you like

And last but not least: Don´t fall in the trap of having a special number of pieces. Go for the amount that suits you and your lifestyle. That’s more important than a silly number.

Last summer I renovated my wardrobe to make it as I wanted. I painted the walls to make it more fresh, put a soft carpet in a natural color and I also spray painted a shelf and the wall hangers in gold for a little luxury touch. I live in a house from the 18th century and it was a little bit challenging to find how to store my clothes, but I found a solution I liked. Maybe I will go for something else in the future, but I am satisfied for now. 

capsule wardrobe

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Design the simple life podcast

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