Get organized by using The 5 minutes role

How to know when to start declutter your home

The 5 minute rule is probably the best way to get a clutter-free and shiny home. It’s so easy to get messy corners everywhere, but it’s also important to allow ourselves to be messy and play around with our stuff. Life would be boring if we couldn’t move in our homes. A home is a place where things happen and it can happen very fast sometimes.

Prepare your wardrobe for the fall season

You know, when you do something for example your laundry and suddenly the phone rings and then after that you have to drive to pick up your kids, then time for dinner…and your laundry is still there laying on your sofa. 

In a day there can be many unfinished projects in our homes and it’s also totally fine. We just have to clean it up before going to bed to wake up the next day without having all the mess everywhere. I think everyone can relate to this fenomen, right? I can, because when I’m working or painting or something else I have to be messy, because that’s my way to do things.

The 5 minutes rule

But I have also found a solution for getting everything back where it belongs again. Not instantly after I´m done with a project, no it can take the whole day if I´m lazy (and I am sometimes ;) before I clean it up. Or even worse, to the day after.

I have no dishwasher machine and after having dinner I used to be very tired and almost all the time it’s stuff on the bench. I’m not perfect. No, far away from that. Maybe that´s the reason why I’m so into the “simplicity thing” haha…I feel very good about having my things around me organized. I want to find my stuff when I need them.

How to stay organized?

Get started with The 5 minutes rule

Before you go to bed in the evening take a round in your home and pick everything up and put it where it belongs. You just need 5 minute, because if you remember to take only 5 minutes a day your home will never be messy anymore. Sounds fantastic, right? And it’s also a very fantastic feeling of having an organized life, then you also can take your time to do other things in your life. The things that really matter for you. Like playing with your kids or hang around with your family or friends.

When you have implemented The 5 minutes role you will spend less time for your weekly cleaning. I don’t like cleaning so much and therefore I use to pick up my stuff every day. Ok, not all days, but almost everyday. You have to allow yourself to rest and to be lazy too. 

So, to be organized you just need 5 minutes each day to fix that and I know you can do it! Everyone can if they want to.

How to do:

  • Set the alarm for the same time each evening when you know you have time for tidying
  • Stick to it everyday for a week and see how it goes
  • After a week, see if your plan works. If not change it
  • Do one room at a time to avoid stress and other negative feelings
  • Involve your family in the 5 minutes role and make it fun, even with your kids
  • If 5 minutes isn’t enough increase the time for example 10 or 15 minutes in the beginning


Design the simple life podcast

For more tips and trix:

Listen to Episode 26. Organization under the sink in the kitchen of my podcast if you would like to have more tips.

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I know you can do this! Don’t give up!


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