Free masterclass

Free Masterclass

All you need to know before you go ahead to create your own amazing home

The roadmap to a well-organized home

The Roadmap to a well-organized home

A proven method that works

In this Masterclass you’ll learn all you have to know before you go ahead and create your awesome home. That will bring you to an action taker who can make huge difference both in your home and life.

An organized home give you so much freedom and joy

It’s easy to create the home you always wanted, but the path from thinking to really start doing it could be like to climb over a mountain. But don’t worry, I will show you how to overcome all your obstacles. 

The roadmap to a well-organized home

Your home is a mirror of yourself 

The roadmap to a well-organized home

Habits, oh yes I know…

we all have positive and negative ones


Goals – No success without a goal

         This Masterclass is a MUST ATTEND if…

                 ✔️ You feel overwhelm in you own home

                 ✔️ You would love a wonderful personal home

                 ✔️ You’re dreaming of a home makeover, but don’t know how to get there

                 ✔️ You have too much stuff in your home and don’t know where to start

                 ✔️ You would like to do a life change

Your home is a mirror of yourselfAcademy of SimplicityAcademy of SimplicityYlva Jansson

I have helped many women designed and simplified their homes and lives. I’m Feng Shui & Simplify coach and also Home Interior Designer.I have made a long journey by myself decluttered my home and life and I know the benefits of living a simple life. Are you committed to do something about your home and your life situation? If you would like to start to create a lighter home and mind welcome to my FREE Masterclass!

Ylva Jansson