Create a stress-free home in 5 easy ways

How to know when to start declutter your home

Nobody should feel stressed when they’re at home, so therefore I think it’s so important that we create a stress-free home as much as we can. Your home should be the place where you feel totally safe and harmonious. And a place where you can be your true self.

There are a lot of things going on in our lives and then it should feel good to come home. Our homes should be the most convenient place to be in.

What is a stress-free home?

For me it’s not just one thing. A stress-free home contains many things and it cannot be created at once. It will take a while to get the calm and harmonious home you want and I think it has to be an ongoing process. A home should not be static in my opinion. It should be alive and changeable.

My favorite thing is to recreate something in my home, because I get bored if it looks the same all the time. I have also moved quite a lot the last few years and when we move the energy will also change and will be replaced in the new home.

The positive thing when we move is that it’s much easier to declutter our belongings. Maybe the space will be smaller in the new home (as it was for me the last time I moved). Now it’s 3,5 years ago since I moved and my new home has also changed over time the more I have settled down. 

If you think about it – your home interior design might not align with your style right now and then it’s time to do something about it. The home should feel home and nothing else. You should love it and feel in every corner that it’s what you want.

Don’t rush!

It can take awhile to get there, but at least you can get started towards your goal of the stress-free home you like. One step at a time. Don’t rush. It makes no sense to hurry things up. If you do, there’s a big chance that you will change your mind when you finish your project and also very easily could give up.

a stress-free home

To create a stress-free home

Here are my 5 hot tips when creating a home that feels comfortable and loving:

  1. Tidying up 7 days a week
  2. Scheduling a full home decluttering before all new season begins
  3. Make the decluttering and the tidying a part of your lifestyle
  4. Create open spaces in your home
  5. Add plants

Tidying up 7 days a week

Tidying 7 days a week….Ugh!! That sounds too much, right? I´m not a fan of cleaning my home at all, but I like to have it nice and clean. Then I feel good. If you think like this: When having a serious cleaning once a week you just have to tidy 10 minutes each day to have your home clean every day. The first cleaning you do is the worst, but after that it will just be easier and easier. 

If your home is clean you´ll start to feel much more balanced and happy. A cluttered home is always a big stress factor, because you always think about everything you have to do, but you have no energy or maybe time for it. Therefore I think it’s better to have it clean all the time. Then you can feel much more harmonious in your life and perhaps you can start to do the things you like without thinking about what you should clean instead.

Scheduling a full home decluttering before all new season begins

Before a new season begins it’s always refreshing to do a full home decluttering and get started with the new season with a fresh home and mind. No doubt about that, I promise.

And as I said, if you implement decluttering in your daily life the season decluttering will go very smoothly. At least you can start with a full home-decluttering twice a year and see how it goes.

Make the decluttering and the tidying a part of your lifestyle

Don´t wait too long between tidying up your home. Then you´ll run a big risk that it will be a total mess all the time and I don’t think you have the energy for that. It’s much better to implement a daily habit. 10 minutes tidying per day is enough.

Create open spaces in your home

Don’t forget to take a round tour in your home for the big furniture and other big stuff when you do the season decluttering. Get rid of everything you no longer need and tada you have created more open spaces in your home. Open spaces are good for you to open up your heart and to get stillness in your mind.

You don’t have to have furniture around every wall or why not design an open meditation space for you. OMG, how wonderful. A place where you can sit and meditate and make plans for your life.

Add plants

Plants are sooo good for your health. Many plants also give extra oxygen to the air and for your lungs. To add a little bit of nature into your home used to feel very refreshing. When having more plants and flowers in your home you don’t have to have so much other stuff like trinkets or so. Plants are very beautiful as they are and there´s no need to add so many unnecessary things.

You might say that plants are unnecessary, but I would say the opposite. Plants are very necessary for your health and to feel good. I can’t imagine my home without plants, but we all think differently. If you don’t have plants or just a few I would say you are going to feel good having plants around you. If you’re allergic there´s always plants to choose. Many sorts of greens. Ask the florist if you´re uncertain. 

That’s my 5 hot tips on how you can create a stress-free home. Why not try it? If you think it’s overwhelming, just start with one step at a time and after a while go further with the other ones.

Good luck!

If you would like my help, book your free-call with me and let’s see how I can help.

Looking forward to help you create your stress-free home!



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