Want a home like this?


Simplify, declutter and organize your home

Create your personal, minimized & organized wardrobe

I’ll guide you from stress & overwhelm to clarity and a simplified life

Simplify, declutter and organize your home

Simplify your life by declutter your home and get more time to do what you like the most.

With a clutter-free home you´ll always find your stuff and your cleaning will go much more simpler and faster.

This session will give you the tools you need to get started to minimize your stuff and create your dream home.

Get a structered plan for how to make your home as you like. How to organize all your stuff in your home. We will work on the things you need and you’re the one who decide in which area we will get started with.  

90 min

real estate photography mäklarfotograf bostadsfoto Skåne Ystad Diakrit
Real estate photography mäklarfotofraf bostadsfoto Ystad Skåne diakrit
real estate photography mäklarfotograf Skåne Ystad Diakrit
Capsule wardrobe planning guide

Create your personal, minimized & organized wardrobe

After this consultation you know how to declutter your wardrobe in a very simple way to get more harmonious mornings without the feeling of having nothing to wear.

Maybe you´re looking for creating a capsule wardrobe or just feel that you have too much in your wardrobe. I´ll give you the guidance and loving support you need.

I’ll help you get to know which items you should save or not. You will get clarity about your style and a plan of how to get started to minimize your wardrobe. 

90 min

About Ylva


As a Proffessional Feng Shui consultant I’ve spent over a decade teaching people how to clear the clutter and creating harmonious spaces.

When it comes to clothes… I have been working with clothes and in the fashion industry my entire life and still loving it. I help you minimize and create a personal wardrobe you gonna love.

These consultation sessions are customized to help you gain clarity, be structured, identify next steps and answer all of your questions.

Simplifying is my superpower.

Consultations Ylva Maria Design

All consultations can be held either in English or Swedish.

If you have any questions about my services don’t hesitate to send me an email.

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Ylva Jansson