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5 great sustainable gifts ideas

5 great sustainable gifts ideas

Want new ideas for your Christmas present and how to find new sustainable gift ideas? Christmas is around the corner and I know it could be a little bit of a challenge to deal with sustainable gift ideas or gifts you don’t want. I’m the kind of a person who loves...

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My energy boosting morning smoothie

My energy boosting morning smoothie

What is a energy boosting morning smoothie? That's what this is all about. How you start your day is very crucial for how your day will turn out and for about 10 years I have made my own energy boosting mornings smoothie. Still loving to start my day that way instead...

10 positive tips to become a minimalist

10 positive tips to become a minimalist

If you want to become a minimalist you don't have to be a special person or living in a tiny house or something else. You can still live in your big house and incorporate the main things as a minimalist. For me there's no rule. To become a minimalist you just have to...

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