Add Bliss Moments

Add Bliss moments

Become the one that you always wanted to be!

Add Bliss Moments is the perfect mini-course that give you the tools for having a blissful life with harmony and joy without any stress or fear

Who is this course for?

• a woman who just want some more self-confidence 

• a woman who would like to be a calm and lovable mother for her kids

• a woman who feel light depression and wants more happiness and joy to get out of the depression 

• a woman that just need some simple tools for feeling good

ADD BLISS MOMENTS will give you:

Tools for using affirmations to achieve your goals

Calming guided meditations for your soul

Feng Shui tips for your home so that your home works for you

Guidance to start to live healthy once for all

and so much more…

What some of my clients says:

You are such a fantastic and inspiring teacher.

Snjezana  Tairi

I can highly recommend getting help from Ylva!

We got help with our home and my company and with both simple tools and professional help, both our home and my company were lifted to a new start that feels easier, brighter and more sense of harmony that makes us feel comfortable and gather with the family more than we did before, especially in the kitchen which we were very happy with.

Thank you Ylva for invaluable help!

Helena Öhrström


Ylva has with simple tools created a nice atmosphere in my home that gave me more energy. She has inspired further change with the help of the feng shui method. I wish everyone knew how easy it is to create harmony with feng shui.

Gun-Britt Björnqvist

You were a new source of inspiration to get input from. It´s clear that you want to help to make the world to a more beautiful and energetically easier place.

I was inspired and ready to create the change to welcome my customers with new power, energy & increased well-being through a beautiful room with good energy flow.

Sandra Månsson

I felt home blind with the energy on fire … so Ylva came to my house and methodically went through all the nooks and crannies in the home and had constructive comments about most things. There was a lot to take in and there are still things I have left to grab, but she helped to get a spin on life, you could say … her sense of how things are connected and her warm attitude makes me warm and I can highly recommend her.

Monica Vara-Crageus

What the 14 days email course includes:

• Daily inspirational emails with simple daily missions

• Uplifting and positive meditations

• Feng Shui tips for your home and life

• Tools for using affirmations and gratefulness

• Tools to begin journaling

• Inspiration to begin body movements

• Checklist for having a clutter-free home

Common questions:

When does the course starts and when will I get the first email?

• Add Bliss moments starts 16th of Nov and you will receive the first email the same day

How much does it cost?

• It cost 45 USD

How to do if I have questions during the course?

• Just hit the reply button of your email and ask your question. You´ll get your answer very quickly

Do I have to know something in advance?

• No, everybody can join without any knowledge before

Do I have to have much tech knowledge?

• No, this is very simple. If you can open an email, you’ve got this

What if I can’t manage the course within 14 days?

• Don’t worry. You´ll get lifetime access, means that you can do the course at your own path

Listen to this episode of Design the simple life

and you get more insights of the course!

I personally can’t wait to se you inside of my course. All the great tools you’ll learn in this course you’ll be able to use forever and start implement tiny steps into a happier and more joyful life. I have given my heart and soul to this course and I know that you gonna love it IF you join me!

Ylva Jansson