Once I discovered simplicity & minimalism

my life started to change"

I'm Ylva

I create harmonious and clutter-free spaces and deliver Home Interior Photos & Styling sessions to elevate the selling process or just level up the living space.

The unique simplicity method is developed over my long time of experience as a Proffessional Feng Shui consultant/stylist and many years in the textile and art industry.

Over time I have decluttered a lot and simplified my life. I know the benefits of living with less and I'm here to show you how to create your simplified life too.

What I can do for you:


Transform your home into a work of art with stunning interior photos. Let me capture the beauty and personality of your space or if you would like me to capture your business product.


Let me elevate your home with my sustainable home styling to a balanced and attractive place to increase the sales price when selling your home.

Wardrobe & Home transformation

Tired of staring at a closet filled with clothes you never wear? I help you create a wardrobe that reflects the amazing woman you are and find your true style.

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Listen to your heart, follow your dreams and your life will be much more fun.


Download The Capsule Wardrobe Guide and Get Your Organized Closet Right Away!

Transform Your Closet And Discover The Joy Of An Organized Space!


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