If your home is full of clutter?

Then you have come to the right place. I help women create harmonious and clutter-free spaces.

The unique simplicity method is developed over my long time of experience as a Proffessional Feng Shui consultant, speacher at public events and many years as a creative textile and art teacher.

I had a big farm house for 17 years and lots of stuff everywhere, so I know the feeling of stress and overwhelm. Over time I have decluttered a lot and simplified my life. I know the benefits of living with less.

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Work with me

Over the many years in business I have developed the best way to work with my clients.

I would love to help you.

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I´m a Scandinavian nature lover and spend much time walking at the beach. There I find new inspiration and new ideas pops up.

I have 3 wonderful grown up daughters, a newborn beautiful grand daughter and my bengal cat Dylan. They are all my priority number one.

About coffee…nope I never drink coffee. I´m a herbal tea lover.

Have a wonderful day!



My cat

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Photography art

I´m happy to invite you to my art world.

Peony 2
Light Summer
Ylva Jansson Photoghraphy
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