5 great sustainable gifts ideas

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Want new ideas for your Christmas present and how to find new sustainable gift ideas?

Christmas is around the corner and I know it could be a little bit of a challenge to deal with sustainable gift ideas or gifts you don’t want. I’m the kind of a person who loves Christmas and everything around it. I also love to give gifts to my beloved ones, but my habits have changed over the past years. Nowadays I’m thinking more about giving something sustainable.

I will give you my best tips on how to think about Christmas presents and sustainable gifts. As always, we are all different from each other and we have different kinds of life and also our wallets are not equal, right! I think this is not a problem, because I think your loved ones love you even if you give gifts with low costs. Maybe they are the most loved one. There are so many other things that count in life, but of course it’s lovely to give something to someone that you think he/she will like. 

sustainable gifts ideas

How can we think about sustainability and Christmas gifts? There are many ways to go and here are my tips:

5 great sustainable gifts ideas

1. Experiences

How nice isn’t it to get an experience from someone. The best thing about that is that it doesn’t occupy any space in your home and you can stay uncluttered. What I mean here isn’t something fancy (if you don’t want to), no I think about something personal you can give to someone. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Maybe a picnic in the forest or in a park with delicious food or just coffee/tea and a homemade biscuit. Another idea is a helping hand for a couple of hours to someone you know needs that. There are so many ideas and there are many other things to give instead of a cinema ticket. Be creative and think about what your person likes to do. 

2. Homemade things

Bake a cake or put all ingredients in a beautiful jar and they can bake it themselves. Homemade knitted  gloves or hats (doesn’t take a lifetime to make if you have a little bit of knitting experience). Photo books – everyone loves to get a photo book from days you have spent together. 

A painting or a sketching. Frame it and it will be more fun to receive. In this category everything you can do with your hands fits in. Think about what you like to do and do something nice and wrap it with a beautiful paper in the colours your person likes.

sustainable gifts ideas

3. Online courses

This is a perfect present for someone who wants to learn something new. If you give something like this your person will enjoy your gift for a very long time. Knowledge will never be forgotten and it’s so fun to get new skills. Think out of the box and see what you can find on-line. Maybe this could be your best sustainable gift ideas ever when you have found the course you know your person will have use for.

Maybe your person haven’t thought about the possibility to learn new skills by an online course or program.

4. Second hand shopping

Visit your local second hand store and I believe you can find something wonderful for your person. When buying something second hand you can find something others don’t have and that’s cool. For a young person who is about to move from home you can pick a box and fill it up with essential things for the new home. 

For someone who likes clothes there are many you can find second hand. Many of them are never worn and the condition is perfect. Take a look at the label before purchasing and search for natural materials and avoid the synthetic ones. It’s much more comfortable to wear something made of natural material and they don’t become static as the synthetic can be. If you follow this you’ll be kind to our environment for sure.

sustainable gifts ideas

5. DIY

Find something second hand and remake it to something else. A while ago I made my own cake stand. I took a pot and a plate and glued them together. So simple and not expensive at all. You can find many interesting creative ideas on Pinterest, Youtube or Tiktok. If you know what kind of present you would like to make, just search for it and I can guarantee you will find something good. 

Then it comes to gifts you don’t want….which is just filling up your spaces in your home….

What to do about that? The best is to give everyone you know that usually gives you gifts your wish list and hopefully they will give you something from your list. It makes no sense giving someone something they don’t want. You can also ask them if they like your gifts and tell them to be honest. If they don’t really like your gift, don’t be sad. It’s just things and you can change them to something else they want.

sustainable gifts ideas

Be creative and find your new sustainable gift ideas or your way of giving gifts to your loved ones. Spend some time on the gift wrapping and it will be a really good experience for the person you give it to. Time is the best you can give to someone and show them how much you love them. 

By spending some time finding a really good gift that suits your person and giving love and effort to the wrapping you’re going to show your person that they are worth it.

Ask your family and friends what they would like for a Christmas present and hopefully they will ask you too. In that way your home will not be filled with stuff you don’t have any use for. 

This was my sustainable gifts ideas for this time and I hope you found it helpful when choosing your Christmas presents or other presents during the year.

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Do you have any ideas for sustainable gifts? Please share in the comments below. 


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