4 ways to find your own balance

How to know when to start declutter your home

Life could be complex and sometimes it could be hard to find your own balance. There’s so many things on our plates and we also have many things we just do without thinking about it.

So there are many things to consider if you would like to find your own balance within all this life-going-on stuff. It also depends on your life situation and where you are right now. Your age, your home situation, relationships, work and so much more.

It’s very easy to get stuck and not find the way out. I have been there, so I know how that feels. I also know how it feels to be balanced in my own life. When everything goes smooth and you feel that you could conquer the world.

4 ways to find your own balance

Treat yourself with something for your soul

Late yesterday evening I was sitting at the beach nearby and meditated. I also got distant reiki healing from a dear friend. It was wonderful to feel the warmth and self love in my body and it gave me clarity in the situation I am in right now.

Sometimes there’s things in our head we just can’t stop thinking about and it could block our life a little bit. Reiki healing is a powerful tool to find your own balance again and if you haven’t tried it I suggest you give it a try and see if you like it.

Every time I get healing I feel so balanced and harmonious. You have to find your own way to find your balance, but healing, massage or something else for your body and soul can’t be wrong. I got a face treatment from my daughter for a birthday present and today I used it. I was in a wonderful spa here where I live and afterwards I felt so harmonious. The feeling that everything is fine as it is. Just love when that feeling comes.

When everything in your life regarding relationships, work, money, friends, home and so on is great you might feel balanced, but it’s not that sure you do. It’s also very seldom that everything is perfect in our lives, right? But if you could focus on increasing a few things your balance will be much better. Take one thing at a time. It’s very difficult to fix everything right now, but if you think about the most important thing you would like to change you can start there.

What would you like to change right now?

Which situation is the most important to do something about for you? When you ask yourself that question I know you get the answer instantly if you listen to your guts. Don´t go up in your head, just relax and you know what has to change for you.

Make a plan to find your own balance

4 ways to find your own balance

When finding your own balance a great thing is to make a plan. Put it on paper and you’ll not forget what it is that you want to achieve. Here are some examples of what you can think about:

  • How many hours are you sleeping? 4,5, 8, 10 hours or less or more? Do you sleep enough?

  • Do you treat your body with nutritions? Could you improve your eating habits? Have you tried fasting or something else to cleanse your body?

  • How often do you meet friends? Is it too much or too little? How do you want to have it? Go for that.

  • Do you move your body or not? If not, start small and just go for a walk, a bike or a swimming tour. When your conditions get better you can start to exercise more intensely if that’s what you want.

If none of the things I mentioned above is working for you right now just pick one and try to improve in small steps. Then go to the next and so on. In that way you will find your own balance.

Is there anything you do you know isn’t good for you ?

What to do when you would like to find your own balance…

Take a pen and a paper, write down everything that comes to your mind you would like to change or the things which are already fantastic in your life. When brainstorming this you can then see the clear picture of your life and what things you have to improve or change. Also have in mind if you have any fears for something and try to remove them as quickly you can. A great tool is EFT tapping. You can google it if you’re not familiar with EFT tapping.

4 ways to find your own balance

The simplicity starter guide

I´ve made a very useful starter guide on how you can begin to simplify your life and when your life is simplified it’s also much easier to find your own balance. That’s for sure. Been there, done that. 

This guide will give you an overview and a clear picture of what things could be important for you. If you´re interested go and download your guide for free here or in the sidebar of this page!

Design the simple life podcast

Design the simple life podcast

For more tips and trix: 

Listen to Episode 32. How to create a balanced life

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When I was a little girl my grandmother said something to me I always will remember when life is tough:

There is a powerful meaning for everything

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I coach women simplify their life and design personal wardrobes for well-being. Simplicity is my key for everything. 

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