If I could give you an answer about when to start decluttering your home I would say: You have to feel it inside and listen to your inner voice. There is no right or wrong or a special day. You just have to say to yourself when enough is enough. Maybe it’s today (I hope so, because then I know you’re going to feel better tomorrow already).

I have been decluttered a lot over many years and I have found my own strategy for having a clutter free home and I’m very happy for that. You have probably heard me saying the frase and the simple rule of “One thing in one thing out”. 

4 reason why you should start decluttering your home

So, what do I mean about that? I will tell you. Everytime I buy something new I try to declutter another thing in my home. I give it to someone who need it more than I do. I´m getting rid of it as soon as possible.

Otherwise I could change my mind or it will be standing in my hall and take space. It doesn’t have to be from the same category of stuff at all. For example, when I buy a new pair of trousers I might declutter for example a pillow or something else I can find that I don’t use or need anymore. 

There is always something. Big or small, it’s not so important. I have no explanation for why  it’s always something to declutter, even after years of decluttering. That’s just my lifestyle and it will be yours too when you get started to be aware of your stuff you have around you in your home and how it affects you.

 I´m very sure you have plenty of stuff you don’t need or use anymore. So, here’s my simple advise:


4 reason why you should start to declutter

If you can relate to just one of these points you should go all in.

  • You feel very tired after your workday and have no energy left for anything
  • You know that you would feel good if you would go for a walk, but you rather lay down in the sofa 
  • Everytime you come home you feel stressed out and don’t know why
  • You have difficulties to concentrate
  • You prefer to watch tv instead of visit a friend after your workday
  • You´re irritated and frustrated, but you don’t know why


4 examples of benefits you will get when you start to declutter:

A clutter-free environment will give you:

  • More freedom to do what you love 
  • Less stressed all the time
  • Happy feelings
  • More energy for exercise

…and so on. 

There are so many benefits about living clutter-free. I know this very well, because I have had so much stuff around me and then I had all the negative emotions as I described above. For me it’s a big relief to have less things in my home and I am very happy for having changed my life from stress and overwhelm to a calm everyday life and a simpler life. 

I can’t say that my life is perfect, but I feel so much freedom from having less things around me in my home. My cleaning goes very quickly, because I don’t have to move around my stuff when I vacuum cleaning and wiping  the floor.

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Go and have a look around in your home and see if you can get rid of one thing today. Every small step counts and don´t forget to celebrate all of them. I know you can do this!

Much love, 


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