3 steps to reset your mind for success

How to know when to start declutter your home

This is something I do when a new year arrives. I reset my mind to begin the new year in a simplistic way with a fresh mind. When you reset your mind you’ll be starting over on a blank page and that’s very refreshing. I use to take a look at the past year and reflect upon what has happened. Both positive and negative things I have discovered. I use pen and paper. 

Now we are a few weeks in January and if you haven’t already set your intentions for the new year I think it’s time to do that now. It’s very easy to just go on and on and never reflect over our lives and everything around us. There are a few things I think are crucial for success with the planning ahead and of course I will give my suggestions for you, so that you can reset and begin the new year with a fresh mind.

Here are my simple plan in 3 steps

Set aside a few hours, a day or maybe a weekend for this work and you’re going to see results for sure.

  1. Reflect
  2. Make new plans
  3. Do the work

If you follow these three steps the chances for you to succeed is bigger than if you don’t do anything and just go on and never be aware of what you would like to accomplish.


It might sound like a cliché or something, but this is the first thing you must do before you can do anything else. Reflect over everything over the past year. Are there any bad habits you would like to remove from your life? Are there any people you would like to add into your life or maybe toxic relations you would like to end. Think about this and put it on your paper. It’s always good to write it down and save it for the next reflection you do.

I use to write everything that came up for me and just be creative. After you have added everything you want on your paper (or on your screen, if you prefer that instaed) it’s time to sort it out. What is the most important for you right now? What things are you satisfied with and vice versa. If you look at your life in another perspective you’ll find that there are certain things that are more important than others. 

When you think about this and reset your mind your brain starts to work and you will be more sure about what to work on in the near future. 

Reset your mind


When you’re ready with your reflection it’s time to make new plans and this is the most creative step. You know after the reflection part what things you would like to add into your life, do more of or do less. Make a list of the things you would like to do and let’s focus on that instead of the things you don’t want to have in your life.

You can use this technique whenever you want and it’s not just for the new year. A good thing is to do a half year check and see if you’re following your plan or if you have to readjust something. I always use the Wheel of life to get a clear picture of my life. It’s a great tool to get a bigger picture over your life. 

I’m a list person and I love to work with lists. If you like it too – make your planning list and you’re prepared for the future to come.

Simplicity starter guide

If you need any help my new Simplicity starter guide could be a great way to start with. You’ll find it here and it’s very easy to use. It also includes tips on how to start decluttering and begin a new simplistic life. You’ll also learn about how to use the wheel of life and it will also help you reset your mind for the things you would like to do or have in your life.

Head on over to my new Etsy shop and you’ll find the guide there.


It’s time to do the work. Nothing will change if you don’t put in some effort and energy into it. Take a look at your plans you’ve made and stick to it. Start today! Don’t wait until tomorrow or another day. Start right now. If you always postpone you’ll never get to the finish line. 

What are the small things you can do today already? Be creative and try to think out of your normal box. Are there anything you could change or readjust?

To be more organized I have also made a very nice and useful laptop screen background (if you use a Mac). With that background you can organize all your apps on your screen and get an overview easier. There are one background for each month for 2023. I have used it by myself and I love it, because I have been able to organize all the chaos on my screen. Before it was a total mess, but now it’s simple and clean. I think you’re going to like it too. 

I have made 5 different designs and you can use them all if you want to change colours every month.

Go and have a look here!

For more tips and trix:

Come on over and listen to my podcast.

Design the simple life podcast

To listen: Itunes I Spotify I Website

Design the simple life podcast

All my love/ Ylva


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I coach women simplify their life and design personal wardrobes for well-being. Simplicity is my key for everything. 

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  1. This is so interesting and very easy steps to follow. Thanks for sharing. I believe it is going to help me a lot in accomplishing most of my goals this year and yes I need that pen and paper. I have it all stuck in my mind but I don’t write them down. Thanks for the advice and that beautiful and easy to read steps towards a simplistic life this year. Happy new year Ylva!

  2. Hi there Naa, How wonderful to hear from you dear and thanks for you kind words. I’m glad you get something out from the blog post and hopefully you already have achieved some of your goals. Just let me know if you need any further help. All the best to you!

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