10 positive tips to become a minimalist

How to know when to start declutter your home

If you want to become a minimalist you don’t have to be a special person or living in a tiny house or something else. You can still live in your big house and incorporate the main things as a minimalist. For me there’s no rule. To become a minimalist you just have to implement the things you want and make your own version.

This blog post is just my own thoughts about minimalism and you have to take it as it resonates for you. For me there is no right or wrong of a minimalist lifestyle. I think you have to see what works best for you and don’t listen to others’ opinions of how it should look.

A minimalistic lifestyle

For me minimalism is living intentionally and surrounding yourself with less things. Only the things you really need. You can become an extreme minimalist or just use the idea of becoming a minimalist and use the strategy as you like. I know for sure that if you have less things around you in your home you´ll be more harmonious and more free from stress. I don´t say that is should be too empty in a room, but it’s totally up to you how you want.

The Swedish word “LAGOM”

Here in my country we have a very good word and that is “lagom”. That means that when something is in between too little or too much it’s perfect. We use that word very often and I like it. It sounds smooth in a way. As a Feng Shui consultant I know that if you have too few things in your home the energy will flow too fast. In Feng Shui we´re looking for the most harmonious energy flow and you can compare the flow with the water in a small stream. It goes smoothly.

How to become a minimalist

1. Throw all the junk

2. Make a decision

3. Get rid of it

4. Simplify

5. Clean the computer and all your devices

6. Organize to become a minimalist

7. Set numbers

8. Closed boxes

9. Don´t leave the junk in your hall

10.  Feel it

1. Throw all the junk

There is always some junk which has to be cleaned up. I mean the boxes for your internet ordered packages, old newspapers, all the broken items that should be fixed and so on. Make it to a good habit and get rid of that kind of stuff directly, because they just take unnecessary space in your home, especially if you´re living in a small apartment. You really don’t need to save that kind of things. Start today and see what junk you have and say goodbye for good.

2. Make a decision

To become a minimalist you have to make a personal decision on how you want your minimalist lifestyle to be. Write all your thoughts in a notebook or in your computer and start to implement them one by one. It takes time to become a minimalist and why having stress about it. That’s really not worth it. Take it slow and in your own path. A good thing is to decide a date when you want to start your minimalistic lifestyle.

3. Get rid of it

Time for the big decluttering. Oh yes, I know it could be VERY hard to get started, but once you have taken the first step you´re one step closer to your goal and everything will be easier for each day. Take one room at a time and don’t be everywhere and your chances are bigger that you´re going to succeed with your goal.

4. Simplify

When it comes to food there is something you can do to make your days easier. Write a shopping list each Saturday and go to the grocery store and buy everything you need for the upcoming week. Create a list of all your meals and plan ahead.

Do weekly cooking on Sundays and store your food in different glas jars for each day. That will simplify your life tremendously. You don’t have to think about what to eat, because you have everything planned and ready to eat.

5. Clean the computer and all your devices

Remove everything you no longer need from your mobile phone, computer and ipads. Old emails, photos, files…. Clean it up and your computer will be healthier than before. Don’t store unnecessary things you don’t need. It just takes up space on your computer or on your phone. If you also use icloud (for mac) it’s even better.

6. Organize to become a minimalist

This might sound boring, but in fact it’s a very good thing to organize your stuff in your home. Sort your clothes in categories by color and sort of your clothing. That makes your life easier in the mornings. But first….get rid of everything you never wear!! Clothes you never wear takes up too much space in your wardrobe and as a minimalist we´re looking for empty spaces and not cluttered spaces.

7. Set numbers

Ask yourself how many things you need for everything. How many people are in your family and how many towels and bedsheets do you need? My recommendations are 3 sets per person, but you have to decide what’s best for you. Maybe you need more than 3 or even fewer. 

How many of everything do you need in your kitchen for example? Jars, cooking pans, plates… Take a look and make a decision.

8. Closed boxes

Put everything you don’t know if you want to save or not in a box and put it aside for a couple of months. Put a date on it and if you haven’t opened it before you don’t need what’s in it. So simple, get rid of it.

9. Don´t leave the junk in your hall

After decluttering you probably have a lots of stuff in your hall, right? The best thing you could do is to donate it right away and don´t wait. If so, what are you waiting for? You have already decided to donate it, so go and do that. It’s not positive for the energy flow to store things in your hall and you don’t want to climb over boxes and paper bags when you’re coming home or even worse when guests are coming.

10.  Feel it

How does it feel to have less things around you? Try to imagine and see if you like the feeling or not. The most common is that it feels good and you could also start to be more calm.

The result

Become a minimalist – You’re going to have more time for the things you like to do and more time for your family and your loved ones.


It’s your life and you decide what a minimalistic lifestyle is for you and how it look to become a minimalist.

Leave your comments below where you are in your minimalist journey. Have you started or are you just thinking of it?

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